Superior pressure relief and easier for caregivers

Discover our Oasis Elite range

Dale provides an excellent fixation!

Secure your tracheostomy and endotracheal tubes

Transferring patients with minimal back effort

Discover these products designed to facilitate patient transfer without using a lot of effort. This makes the work easier for the carers and is kinder to their backs.

Sharn cleaning brushes for all your instruments

Do you have the right cleaning brushes for all your instruments?

Hospithera part of Duomed Group

From now on we will communicate under the name Hospithera, Part of the Duomed Group. As always, you can count on us !

Equip Medikey : The key to medical innovation

Innovation in the fields of Anesthesiology and Pain Management is at the heart of Equip Medikey. They develop new products with unique features, for safer anesthesia and effective pain treatments. Valuable solutions for many practitioners and patients, all over the world.

Microtek covers: A solution for every device!

Microtek - Ecolab Surgical Equipment Protective Covers offer innovative solutions to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission, protecting healthcare providers and patients.

ORTHOPEDIC : Discover the new range of orthopedic braces and appliances

Just as comfortable but with a new look and new items

New: ExSpiron2Xi, for Minute Ventilation measurement.

The first and only non-invasive monitor for minute ventilation monitoring: "NEVER MISS A BREATH”.