We proudly present MEDOIL Oilpen 12ml : a medical and biocompatible oil for the maintenance of surgical instruments before the sterilization

- Verified biological compatibility
- Validated sterilization success (according to EN ISO 17664) relating to our instruments
- Can be used for steam or hot air sterilization up to max 180°C
- Outstanding gliding properties between the friction surfaces
- No impairment of the sterilization effect, because of the water vapour permeability oil film
- Odorless, transparent and free of silicone
- Leaves no residue on the instrument surface
- Excellent protection against corrosion and oxidation
- Individually wrapped
- Accurate dosing
- Ergonomic handle with slide protection for optimal handling
- With practical retainingclip for secure fixation on the workwear
- Up to 5 years shelf life
- Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces (x12ml)

Ref.: 04-0530 - 200€ / box (10 pens)

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