Hawo Organix : Plastic-free Protective Packaging

Hawo Organix : Plastic-free Protective Packaging

ORGANIXprotect is a sustainable and 100% plastic-free packaging system for the packaging of a wide range of products. The basis of the innovative concept is the ORGANIXprotect consumable, which consists exclusively of sustainable raw materials and is 100% plastic-free, compostable and recyclable. ORGANIXprotect is perfectly suited for the use in the fields of Healthcare – a change towards sustainable packaging has never been this easy!

ORGANIXprotect can be processed like conventional plastic films and equally fulfills all the requirements that are demanded of a packaging: Protection, flexibility and durability – but in GREEN!

  • available as self-adhesive bags in different sizes
  • or as standard rolls for individual customization
  • can be used everywhere and is flexible for any application

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