Hospithera is proud to present KEN Hygiene Systems

Hospithera is proud to announce its new partnership with KEN Hygiene Systems, an innovative Danish organization with more than 70 years of experience.
Alongside Steelco ARES endoscope washer-disinfectors and Matachana’sautoclaves they complement Hospithera’s range of sterilization equipment with top quality washing solutions for medical equipment.

KEN has been supplying washer-disinfector solutions to pharma, biotech, cosmetics and other life science companies for many years. A washer-disinfector solution from KEN really is a client-oriented solution: Their Intelligent Quality range of products are constructed to lower all costs in terms of the environmental, physical, operational and financial footprint. They can accommodate up to 18 DIN and are designed to take up minimal floor space.

This evolution is another step in Hospithera’s strive to propose the best possible solution to clean, disinfect and sterilize your medical equipment.

Furthermore, Hospithera guaranties its qualitative services for carrying out interventions and maintenance of existing Steelco instalments for another 10 years.
In addition, our long-term collaboration with Matachana will also continue.
Bart Luteijn, his back-office team and the sales and technical support team will continue to serve you at the highest level.

You can count on us!


 KEN Side By Side


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