Hospithera is proud to present Axess Vision's Broncoflex®

Considering the increased risks associated with nosocomial infections and the increasing resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics, a single-use endoscope has become a safer alternative to reusable endoscopes currently on the market.

A sister company in The Surgical Company, Axess Vision Technology is developing and producing in France a flexible and sterile disposable endoscope for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the lungs: Broncoflex®.

Broncoflex® upsets traditional reusable endoscopy by increasing the availability compared to a used device. It removes the constraints of disinfection, repair and prolonged immobilization.

Robust and easy to handle, the easy handling of the Broncoflex® video-bronchoscope is easy thanks to its ergonomic handle and 160° bending angle.

Some characteristics:

• Wide field of view of 120°: Wide angle of view to lose no detail while providing greater comfort to the user by limiting the movements necessary to enlarge the field of vision.

• Superior image quality: Powerful algorithm ensuring a finesse of contours and a return of colours closer to reality.

• Screeni, the high resolution touchscreen: The 10" portable HD touch screen allows you to carry out your exams anywhere and export captured photos and videos directly to a USB stick.

• Main indications: Difficult intubation, BAL and declutter, percutaneous tracheostomy, uni-pulmonary ventilation.

With Broncoflex®, Hospithera wants to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient while improving and facilitating the daily work of health professionals.

Hospithera is THE specialist of the single use endoscope, contact us for a demonstration by one of our experienced representative!