New endoscopy department for UZ Gent

New, advanced disinfection room for Endoscopic unit

The Endoscopic unit has taken a new disinfection room into use. Advanced devices record every step in the cleaning process of endoscopes - from the first use of the patient to the moment the cleaned endoscope is ready for use again.
Traceable every step

At the UZ Gent, the cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes was already in accordance with the current quality requirements, but now the process is more efficient and virtually completely automated. Every step is traceable, none can be shortened or skipped. If a patient develops an infection - for example from the CPE bacterium - it can quickly be determined whether a contaminated endoscope can lie at the base.

With the investment, the Endoscopic Unit meets the new guidelines of the Superior Health Council and the NIAZ Institute for Accreditation.

The new disinfection room is the showpiece of a renewal operation of the Endoscopic unit. The waiting room and reception have also been renewed.
How is an endoscope cleaned?

Cleaning and preparing an endoscope for use is done in different phases.

A used endoscope first goes to the 'dirty' room for manual cleaning.
A thorough manual cleaning then follows in a sink.
The endoscope goes into a washing machine for about half an hour.
The cleaned endoscope comes out on the other side - disinfected in the 'clean' room.
There are also the drying cabinets in which they are stored.

A cleaned endoscope should be used within four hours or go into the dryer for a maximum of one month. If this time limit is exceeded, the endoscope will give an error message and can only be used again after cleaning



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