Vital Care

Airway management

Axess Vision Broncoflex®Flexible and sterile endoscopes for single use.
Aerogen High frequency oscillation ventilation aerosol with active micropump.
Comepa & Long Life Laryngoscope
Dahlhausen Aerosol- and oxygentherapy
Leventon Respiratory and volumetric exercisers
Flexicare Anesthesia and ventilation
Pulmodyne Non-invasive ventilation masks, O2 MAX Trio with aerosol
SouthMedic Large range of OxyMasks and other applications
Trudell Inhalation chambers, nebulizer AeroEclipse


Bicakcilar Drainage and suction devices
Dale Fixation system for catheters and tubes
Unomedical Securement devices for catheters and drains


Parker Ultrasound and electromedical gels

Oncology & IV therapy

Biocon infusionsystems for the administration of cytostatics
Leventon Elastomeric pumps, IV- flow regulator and IV- lines
Nipro Winged needle set with safety device
Söllner Caps, adaptors, connectors and transfer spikes
TapMedic Pressure bags

Temperature management

KanMed Warmingcabinet, Baby Warming System & Warmcloud.
MTRE CritiCool & CritiCool Mini: Device for hypo and normothermia with different wraps
37Company Innovative solutions for patient's temperature management.
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