Sterilization & Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Anios Soaps (neutral / disinfectant)
Vernacare Waterless bathing systems
Cleaning foam
Hygié Collection systems for various excretion

Hand Hygiene

Anios Soaps (neutral / disinfectant), hydro-alcoholic solutions (gel / liquid) and care creams
Dispensers (PVC) & Totems
Harry Holms Dispensers (stainless steel)



Cleaning and disinfection products
Dosing systems & dispensers


Anios Cleaning and disinfection products for manual application
Cleaning, disinfection and rinsing products for machine application
Renovation and lubricating products for surgical instruments
Dosing systems, immersion containers for disinfection and endoscopes module
Halyard Health Disposable absorbent towels
Sharn Cleaning brushes
Sicah Immersion containers for disinfection & transport
Warwick Immersion containers for disinfection, recipients, measuring cups and kidney dishes (PP)
Disposable cups (for CPT and disposable sets)

Water Filtration

 Anios  Prefiltration systems and point-of-use filters

Instrument Baskets

Famos Instrument baskets (stainless steel)
Halyard Health Transport Trays
Sicah Instrument baskets (stainless steel) and accessories
Warwick Instrument baskets (PP) and silicone mats

Sterilization Packaging Material

Clinipak Trayliners crêpe / non-woven and miscellaneous
Famos Sealers and trolleys for wrapping sheets
Halyard Health Wrapping sheets SMS regular / Quick Check®
Hawo Sealers and accessories
Wipak (Steriking) Laminated pouches and reels (Hotair bags/Paper/Texline/Tyvek)
Trayliners crêpe / non-woven
Wrapping sheets crêpe / non-woven / SMX and interleaved
Sterilization tapes, dust cover bags, paper bags

Process Indicators

Hawo Bowie & Dick, seal control, seal integrity & seal strength tests
Steritec Chemical indicators for sterilization and washing process. Biologic indicator.
Sterlab Electronical test Bowie & Dick: Wiscan
Wipak Chemical indicators for sterilization, seal control, & seal integrity tests

Identification Material

Clinipak Identification tape & labels for medical instruments
Irex Labels and labelling equipment
Famos Label with steam indicator
Scanlan (Surg-I-Band) Protection and identification tape for medical instruments
Wipak Identification markers & labels
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