Company Management & Ownership

Hospithera was founded in 1962 by JF Luyckx and managed as a family company.

Its vision and values of quality have enabled significant growth and installed Hospithera as a safe bet and a reference on the market.

In January 2007, the generic manufacturer Mylan Inc. U.S. has acquired Hospithera and helped to consolidate growth.

Mr Philip Van den bogaert has managed the company from end 2004 until October 2017.
Hospithera has established itself as market leader.


On februari 1st of 2017, Hospithera left the Mylan Group to integrate The Surgical Company Group (

Since 23 October 2017, Hospithera is managed by Mr Peter de Jong, C.E.O.

Today hospithera is a company of 100 people who emerged as a global partner for the medical field.